Proposal for Oxley Community's social network

I am in favour of each individual's democratic participation in government. In our parliament based on representation it is essential that elected representatives are able to canvass the views of the individuals in their electorate and convey those views to parliament.

To support that outcome I contend that an online forum for community information exchange is worthwhile persuing. The online social medium is accessible by the majority of citizens. The specific platform can be tailor made to suit the members.

I suggest the development of an online social networking platform including:

  • an application for the purpose of informing members of the bills being debated in the house prior to voting and for polling the electorate's will on each major bill before parliament, allowing each voter to inform their rep of their will - "aye" or "nay"
  • a mechanism for constituents to present proposals for private member's bills which, with majority support within the district, will be presented in parliament.

Here is where I will describe a model for democratic participation in parliament using mobile text messaging to create two way interactions between a parliamentary representative.

Meanwhile, here's a public facebook group, a Facebook page and a forum for voters in Oxley

Here's a form to prepare for gathering data