Oxley Community

This is a sample to illustrate how recruitment might look....

To assist your elected representative to take your preference on bills to parliament they are providing an SMS based service to facilitate your active participation.

To operate this service the member's staff need to obtain, maintain and store particular data from you. If you wish to particate please provide the following:


The following data items will be stored in a password protected online database
and used whenever there is communication between you and your representative.


Email :

These values will provide an index for an offline database
holding your name and electoral enrolment verification.


Please visit check.aec.gov.au to verify that you are enrolled in the State District of Oxley

Upload a screenshot of your result:


Fill in this form.The data will be stored off line in a password protected database and only used
when it is necessary to check your eligibility to vote in the Oxley electoral district.

Your representative's staff will use this data to validate your participation:

Given names:

Family name:


Suburb or Locality:

Street name: