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- creating an online social network for the Cowper electorate -

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This is an invitation to groups whose mission is to promote democratic leadership within the electorate and beyond.

There is an opportunity to use the internet to build a strong online community network for the Cowper electoral division.

As well as enhancing communication with regard to electing an independent representative for parliament, such a tool can accommodate space for individuals, businesses and groups to promote their activities, highlight their own media presence and interact with others.

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We had an independent candidate - Caz - with a lot of support. In the 2022 election she was very, very close to ousting the the incumbent who is losing credibility daily because of their assocatiation with the failed losers and their idiotic attempts to 'wedge' the majority government. The field will likely be reduced because the minors whose machinations cost us so dearly have already lost their focus. Hopefully there will be an independent candidate in 2025 who will at last rid us of the party machine.

An online social network for voters in the Cowper electorate can allow interactions to clarify our vision and deliver to our chosen candidate a platform for representing us and a mechanism for interaction through them with our parliament.